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I approached Katie for an introduction to yoga to maintain flexibility and relieve upper body soreness from my strength training routine. She provided a knowledgeable assessment of my condition and abilities and suggested beginner poses/stretches to target tightness in my shoulders and neck. I've incorporated Katie's suggestions into my workouts to manage soreness and increase flexibility - T.M.B. 3/15/2020

Katie A. Campbell, E-RYT, owner/operator of Yoga Training (Touch) has been my personal yoga trainer for three years now, with private sessions twice a week.

Before starting at YT(T) I'd had rewarding yoga classes. But beginning with the first session, Katie encouraged me to develop beyong those and progress as far as I can by offering advanced poses in balance, flexibility and strength, while persistently focusing on the proper form for each pose. I have progressed steadily and significantly and I can truthfully say my body can achive things few other 69-year-old bodies can. I've come a long way but most importantly, I never have any aches, pains or soreness. I attribute that to my practice at YT(T) with Katie.

Katie focuses on therapeutic results for her clients. In my case, it's lessening a lordotic curve by lengthening the posterior muscles of the neck and building greater strength of the upper back muscles translating into more lift through the chest. Away from the studio, Katie has suggested modifications to old habits contributing to this neck/back issue. Now I walk, sit and stand more upright without effort - a very pleasant sensation I've never had before. Katie has a thorough knowledge of the body and how to apply yoga postures to correct and strengthen. YT(T) offers a wide variety of creative yoga sessions, (I have participated in) length from 45 minutes to two hours, including vinyasa (Power), (Lift) strengthening with weights, Aroma-Restorative, (Yoga) Run, Slow Flow, (and) Mysore. Katie schedules periodic assessments to evaluate clients' general health, needs for any specific therapeutic attention and progress in strength, flexibility and balance.

Asana comprises only part of Katie's sessions. Yoga for Katie means all eight limbs and as our sessions have progressed, she has emphasized the full nature of yoga: for example, focusing on agreater energy center (chakra) awareness during savasana and at other times. It's clear that yoga is fundamental to her nature and she is herself, a solid argument for yoga's benefits - one of the strongest people I know and a vegan and owing to the example she sets with her own health and fitness, I have followed suit, with greater benefits and no regrets.

I would recommend Katie and YT(T) fo yoga students of any level interested in a complete yoga practice that can continue to develop, to those interested in supplementing his/her other yoga classes with more advanced, challenging work and to anybody with specific muscular-skeletal issues, chronic aches and pains - which yoga therapy can, I believe, help to correct or relieve.

- Steve Rumley Retired Engineer and Artist

P.s. I have attended “Fun” yoga sessions where Katie taught adults arriving with children. She included the children making them the stars of the show. This made it clear to me that Katie has a deep interest in the, as she would say, “Inherent worth and dignity of every person, place, thing and sentient being”!

Katie Campbell's partner yoga is fun, interesting and she stretches all kinds of possibilities. Her classes have given us a good foundation of yoga and all the health benefits that go with it. I highly recommend her professional, qualified services. - (Partner) John Cummings

Katie Campbell's Yoga Touch Training is the best thing we have given to ourselves. It's a time we can strengthen our muscles AND our relationship. Seriously! I know you think this sounds like cliché yogi blah, blah, but yoga has made us stronger by working the little muscles in our feet that went unnoticed until yoga balancing made them scream back. Yoga is good for us as a couple because we are stretching ourselves together by doing it together - and laughing and trying and relaxing. Yoga training also takes the burdens off our shoulders for one hour and puts them aside. We finish relaxed and fit enough to re-shoulder whatever might have seemed like a big problem before we went to the studio. I recommend Katie's classes so highly I'd be looking down on Mt. Everest if I was actually comparing heights. She's flexible literally and figuratively, and she knows what she's doing. Just try it. You'll see

-Tara Thompson (Partner Yoga 11-28-12)

Each of us owes ourselves (and our families and colleagues) an hour a week with Katie Campbell. As a newcomer to yoga, I was looking for someone who would gently work with me, explain the positions but also could recognize what I was capable of doing. It has been a fantastic experience -- not only is Katie extremely knowledgeable but it is inspiring to learn the moves, the breathing and see improvement with each week.

And I feel more connected, flexible and capable.

I wish this for each of you.

- Kat Imhoff (Vinyasa/Basic)

I'm a type "A" personality willing to learn and driven to do things well. Therefore, my mind is often churning and working on something and when I participate in Yoga Training (Touch) Restoratives I relax. Going to "nowhere land" is wonderful, it helps my body relax. With a blank mind my body becomes limber - it's wonderful!

- Kevin Syvrud (Restorative)

John and I recently relocated to Helena from NC and wanted to find a yoga instructor to work with us as a couple. Katie was recommended to us and we have not been disappointed! She has developed a thoughtful practice that challenges us both at our individual levels and as a couple as well. Our strength, flexibility and balance have all improved without exception!

- Debbie Daniel (Partner 3-6-2013)